Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cloudberries - Hilloja

Rubus chamaemorus
These I was picking and shooting yesterday at the swamp.

More berries in Tungelsta and Sharon (thanks for the hint Kim)

Hillasuolla siis ramusin eilen kamera kaulassa.

Lisää marjoja Tungelsta ja Sharon (kiitos vinkistä Kim)


  1. I've never seen this berry before. It looks so much like red raspberry. Is it sweet?

  2. Aaaah! Summer. I had the pleasure of tasting these once in Finland. I think I remember they were lovely (though my memory of the succulent strawberries from the market in Helsinki is stronger...we sat by the water pigging out on them!)

  3. I like these cloudberries a lot. They are not so sweet but ful of aroma and vitamins and all that kind of good things ;-) Sally, we have strawberry season going on. Love them too.

  4. This is a theme across blogs! Sweeden had strawberries the other day, and Jenny in CT hd a berry patch she was picking in. These are beutiful. Here the black berries are ripening. . .

  5. Nice! We call them Hjortron. I love waffles with cloudberry jam and cream!