Thursday, June 15, 2006

Patch - Palsta

Every spring a bunch of city-people find their inner farmer. Luckily city of Oulu rent us (yes, I'm one them ;-) so called potato patces. For a 12 euros you get 10 square meters land for a five months.

Joka kevät joukko kaupunkilaisia löytää sisäisen maanviljelijänsä. Onneksi Oulun kaupunki vuokraa meille (juu, olen yksi heistä ;-) niin kutsuttuja pottupalstoja. 12 eurolla saa haltuunsa 10 neliömetriä maata noin viideksi kuukaudeksi.


  1. there a a similar system here too. for a small amount you can have your own little garden. I like to have one too but Im not a good gardener, plants die on me.

  2. That's a great idea! I should start something like that here - though everyone here has at least a little garden!

  3. I wish we had such things available here in NYC, but all the available land is being built on. Community gardens exist but they are being built on too, one by one...except for a very few...