Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bikers Wednesday get-together - Motoristien keskiviikkotapaaminen

During the summer bikers from Oulu and near by have a meeting every Wednesday at Linnasaari. Chrome is shining and leather suits creaks ;-)
Except my white beauty (Suzuki GR650 -87) doesn't shine yet, actually last autumns insects and winter dust still frost it *blush*

Kesällä Oulun ja lähiseutujen motoristit kokoontuvat keskiviikkoisin Linnasaareen, kromi kiiltää ja nahkapuvut narisevat ;-)
Paitsi että minun valkoinen kaunottareni (Suzuki GR650 -87) ei kiillä, itseasiassa viimesyksyn hyttyset ja talven pölyt kuorruttavat sitä yhä *punastuu*


  1. It seems that you had a great time. Great angle, I hope you didn´t climb up any tree.

  2. The bikers here all meet at bars and make great amounts of noise getting there. I have no room to complain given I rode a motorcycle for many year. However, now days I prefer a quiet stroll.

  3. Carlos, I really didn't, I afraid highs ;-) There is a cafe in old observatory, I take a photo of it next wednesday.
    Denton, I have to admit that my bike is very noisy.

  4. I was there too, with my black boonie hat (= US jungle hat) and Nikon, taking some photos and listening music with my wife and kids. Maeby you saw me walking around. Unfortunately my photos are still in memory card, waiting... :P