Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Retreat into summer memories- Pako kesämuistoihin

One Christmas song which start's like this: "Well, has it turned out be a summer in the middle of winter..." is the reason for this photo ;-) Do I have to tell that there has been another gray, dark and wet day. So these roses and so blue summer sky is for all northern people who have again to manage through this darkness.

Aasinsilta tähän kuvaan on joululaulu "No onkos tullut kesä nyt talven keskelle..." ;-) Tarvitseeko edes mainita että on ollut jälleen yksi harmaa, pimeä ja märkä päivä. Niinpä nämä ruusut ja ah, niin kesän sininen taivas ovat kaikille pohjoisen ihmisille joiden on taas selvittävä tämän pimeyden läpi.


  1. magnifique fleurs, a cette epoque c'est rare (enfin par chez nous, a Evry)

    splendid flowers, at that time it is rare (finally by on our premises, Evry has)

  2. Ow, very charming flowers and the clear blue sky. Very nice photo.

  3. how beautiful those white flowers!!! so lovely ,so pure!
    with that blue sky, the small flowers reflect some some...very brilliant colour. It reminded me some bright and limpid china.
    well done!!!

    shanghai daily photo

  4. haha. I thought this felt a bit warm-looking.

  5. this photo is absolutely beautiful!