Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Northern lights - Revontulet

At last night sky was clear with some northern lights after midnight. But there is so much artificial light at residential areas, that it makes hard to see or photo shoot stars or northern lights middle of them, should go somewhere in real darkness but it was too late and cold ;-).

Viimeyönä oli tähtikirkas taivas ja puolen yön jälkeen jonkin verran revontulia. Asutusalueilla vain on niin kirkkaat valot että tähtien ja revontulien näkyminen tai kuvaaminen on aika vaikeaa. Pitäisi lähteä jonnekkin missä on oikeasti pimeää, mutta oli liian myöhä ja kylmä.


  1. Fantastic! They said we might see some around here, too, but we would have to leave the city to see them. I wasn't able to get away. Thanks for this pretty photo.

  2. it's good enough..it's great that you took and posted this picture...I wish I will see it live one day!

  3. Oh, I would want to see such a thing one time in my life!

  4. I'm seconding Alice, I wish I could see such a thing once, only once in my life!

  5. Yah, It was awesome !!
    I saw that from the Linnamaa lake :)