Friday, August 04, 2006

Queue - Jono

Today audience had a chance to visit in Statsraad Lehmkuhl and as you can see a lot of people was interested to do so. Vessel's visit is part of ongoing Scandinavian Cadet meeting here in Oulu.

Tänään yleisöllä oli tilaisuus päästä tutustumaan Statsraad Lehmkuhliin ja kuten näkyy kovin monet olivat kiinnostuneet. Aluksen vierailu kuuluu Oulussa meneillään olevien Pohjoismaisia kadettipäivien ohjelmaan.


  1. This is an excelent photo-blog. I like most of your pictures.

    By the way, I remember have seen your name in a local newspaper, but don't remember related to what.

  2. Thank you Torrija. In Kaleva, hmm? I have had some photos from our flamenco festival in it.

  3. Was a free magazine, like Forum24 or Oululehti. Now I do remember it was related to the flamenco festival. I saw your name under the photo of a dancer and I thought you were the dancer :)