Saturday, October 28, 2006

Winter is here! - Talvi tuli!

Autumn storm Simo brought 15 cm of snow. During the night wind was 20 m/s but luckily in Oulu nothing serious happened. Saturday was real winter day with the white snow and blue sky, Temperature was around zero. This photo is taken from a car window at the crossroad of Haukiputaantie and Koskelantie while waiting in traffic lights.

Syysmyrsky Simo toi 15 cm lunta. Yön aikana tuuli oli 20 m/s mutta onneksi mitään vakavampaa ei tapahtunut Oulussa. Lauantai olikin oikea talvipäivä, valkoista lunta ja sininen taivas, lämpötila pyöri nollan seudussa. Tämä on kuvattu auton ikkunasta Haukiputaantien ja Koskelantien risteyksessä valojen vaihtumista odotellessa.


  1. wow, great photo, looks like it's from another planet, so far away... it's still early for snow for us.
    hope you're having fun on the snow now that it stopped snowing =)


    some photos about this from me (actually, testing my Nikon d80 :)


  3. Oh wow, this seems so exotic to me. Here spring is coming and the days are getting longer. This is wonderful!