Friday, October 20, 2006

In memoriam

Today in Oulu we had a demonstration on behalf of freedom of speech and for the memory of Anna Politkovskaja

Oulussa oli tänään mielenilmauskulkue sananvapauden puolesta ja Anna Politkovskajan muistoksi.


  1. I didnt nkow about Anna Politkovsaya and read about her on Wikipedia - pretty amazing and tragic story and its great to know about this. Its wonderful that the citizens of Oulu care enough to demonstrate!

  2. i am glad that you are aware of these events in Finnland. It cant be like someone opens the mouth and she/he will be killed without consequences.:(

  3. There won't be any consequences! Maybe they will find someone - whipping boy - who will take the blame upon this crime... pay money to this person... but the rial criminal (organizer) will never be found...
    sad... but it always happen so in Russia...

  4. like kala, i got to know about anna through the media coverage about her death. May justice be serve ...