Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pedestrian street Rotuaari

Today's head title supposed to be "Under the chrystal lamps" but as you can see there is no such thing in this picture *deep sigh* and the reason is bad battery in my handback camera.
This photo is from last saturday and it's taken with lovely fisheye lens Peleng.

Tämän päivän otsikon piti olla "Kristallilamppujen alla" mutta niinkuin näkyy ei kuvassa ole mitään sen tapaistakaan *syvä huokaus* ja syy on huono akku käsilaukkukamerassa.
Tämä kuva on viime lauantailta ja se on kuvattu ihanalla Peleng kalansilmä objektiivilla.


  1. krhmm. It is Peleng I guess...but very good lens, nice Russian quality. Visit my blog. Photos from Oulu and anything else.

  2. I seriously need to get me one of those lens - this is a really cool and crazy shot!!!

  3. Ofcourse Peleng, thanks Antti. I was a bit tired yesterday when posting, evening under those chystal lamps you know ;-)