Thursday, February 01, 2007

CDP Theme Day - CDP teemapäivä

And the theme is "What really annoys you in your city"

Well, this is not big thing, but it's something I have to see almost every day and it really annoys me. On the poster left it says: "Sea Oulu's summer theatre, welcome". It's not summer anymore and there hasn't happened anything since last August. So, why everyone who comes to Hietasaari has to look all these old adds at long fence all year around? Why Sea Oulu summer theatre is allowed to leave this mess after the season?

Ja teema on "Mikä todella ärsyttää sinua kaupungissasi"
No, tämähän ei ole mikään iso juttu mutta se on silmissäni lähes päivittäin ja se todella ärsyttää. Ei ole kesä ei, eikä alueella ole tapahtunut mitään sitten viime elokuun. Miksi siis kaikkien, jotka tulevat Hietasaareen, pitää katsella näitä vanhoja mainoksia koko pitkän aidan täydeltä ympäri vuoden? Miksi Meri Oulu kesäteatteri saa jättää näkösälle tämmöisen sotkun teatterikauden lopputtua?

Annoying things around the world:
Ärsyttäviä asioita ympäri maailmaa:

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1. Porto (Portugal) ~~ 2. Stayton, OR (USA) ~~ 3. Albuquerque, NM (USA) ~~ 4. Tenerife (Spain) ~~ 5. Greenville, SC (USA) ~~ 6. Dubai (UAE) ~~ 7. Evry (France) ~~ 8. Jakarta (Indonesia) ~~ 9. London (UK) ~~ 10. Sequim, WA (USA) ~~ 11. Buenos Aires, (Argentina) ~~ 12. Seattle, WA (USA) ~~ 13. Minneapolis, MN (USA) ~~ 14. Stavanger (Norway) ~~ 15. Joplin, MO (USA) ~~ 16. Nelson (New Zealand) ~~ 17. Milano (Italy) ~~ 18. Singapore by KeropokMan ~~ 19. La Antigua (Guatemala) ~~ 20. Nottingham (UK) ~~ 21. Singapore by Zannnie ~~ 22. Budapest (Hungary) ~~ 23. Not Strictly Seattle, WA (USA) ~~ 24. Bandung (Indonesia) ~~ 25. Vantaa (Finland) ~~ 26. Hyde (UK) ~~ 27. Madrid by Dsole (Spain) ~~ 28. Oulu (Finland) ~~ 29. Saarbrücken (Germany) ~~ 30. St. Paul, MN by Carol (USA) ~~ 31. Sydney by Sally (Australia) ~~ 32. Tokyo (Japan) ~~ 33. Kyoto (Japan) ~~ 34. Trujillo (Peru) ~~ 35. Shanghai (China) ~~ 36. Rotterdam (Netherlands) ~~ 37. Chicago, IL (USA) ~~ 38. Nice (France) ~~ 39. Naples, FL (USA) ~~ 40. Hong Kong ~~ 41. Santa Clara, CA (USA) ~~ 42. Quito (Ecuador) ~~ 43. Cottage Grove, MN (USA) ~~ 44. Paris (France) ~~ 45. Manila (Philippines) ~~ 46. Brussels (Belgium) ~~ 47. Auckland (New Zealand) ~~ 48. Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) ~~ 49. Sydney by Nathalie (Australia) ~~ 50. Houston, TX (USA)


  1. Great irony, and nice shot

  2. But the sun is coming back and soon it will be true again - welcome to summer (while we'll be enjoying a mild winter in the southern hemisphere)!!!

    I just love all your snow photos, they are so beautiful.

  3. dun get annoyed. you have such aa beautiful city! looking at your photos feels so good!

    (and cold also. hehe..)

  4. Great shot! All covered by snow with summer ad? Is that for next year?

  5. Ah, the problem of not finishing up and cleaning up completely when we are done. . .But, you've made a gorgeous panorama of it! I love the colors with the stark white and the blue of the sky. You photos from this winter have been spectacular, BTW!
    Great photo to illustrate this annoyance,