Saturday, November 25, 2006

Goodbye Juice - Hyvästi Juice

I just saw from the news that Finnish artist, writer, singer-songwriter and poet Juice Leskinen died yesterday at hospital in Tampere.

From his own site: On helppoa olla samaa mieltä on helppoa olla mieletön vaan enemmän löytää kun poikkeaa tieltä ja oikaisee läpi metsikön Juice Leskinen, Toisinajattelija (= It's easy to agree it's easy to be mindless but more you find when you turn away from the road and cut through the grove. From his book Dissenter)
Juice Leskinen in English in wiki


  1. it looks like a huge stone as I see.
    here it rains for a long time.


  2. Sorry Jing. Jing commented just before I change the subjeckt and photo for today. But Juice is so important finnish artist that I felt I had to.

  3. That is a wonderful memorial photo to Juice, very evocative of emptiness and serenity.

  4. lovely...very nice composition and mood in this photo!

  5. this photo is wonderful with the message of the post....its a wonderful tribute...

  6. Anonymous4/12/06 16:53

    Is this photo avaialable as a high def source image? I like it very very much and would like to get it printed for my office. email is barry_sage at


  7. beautiful photograph!