Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fireworks - Ilotulitus

At downtown was today fireworks at opening of new movie theatre. Because I was busy with my works and because weather was just awful (wind with rain) I just popped out to boat harbour to take few fireworks photos. It was only 5:45 PM but allready dark.

Keskustassa oli tänään ilotulitus uuden elokuvateatterin avajaisten kunniaksi. Koska olin kovasti kiireinen töideni kanssa ja koska ilma oli aivan kamala (vettä ja tuulta) piipahdin vain pikaisesti tuossa venesatamassa kuvaamassa muutaman ilotulituskuvan. Kello oli vasta 17.45 mutta oli jo aivan pimeää


  1. Oooh, great shot and beautiful composition!

  2. Jaahas, no sitä se meteli olikin! Hyvin kuulu pauke Linnanmaalle saakka ;)

  3. just popped out?
    i found this angle more interesting!

  4. mm..nice shot.
    As I saw it, i think its a night view but, is it a night view?? great!!
    have a nice weekend.


  5. Hi,

    Can you tell me about Oulu. Is it a nice place to be in?


  6. Thank you! And yes I 'popped' out for 20 minutes, this place is quite near of my home and I have taken many photos there so I knew whwrw to go ;-)

    Jing, at this time of year dakness comes early specially at cloudy days.

    Prashant, a difficult question... I like to live here in these days, at first 14 years ago I wasn't so sure. But I know many people who don't like to be here(and still they don't move avay?)