Thursday, April 20, 2006

Downtown at sunset

After a sunny (!) day it was a proper sunset for a long time, so I discarded my previous daily photo candidates and rushed with my camera to shoot romantic, pink sunset photos.


  1. It's great to discover a new DailyPhoto blog! All my wishes to you! I'll be following your blog, as I really love the country you live in. I have spent a few days in January last year in a beautiful place called Loma Vietonen (near Rovaniemi). Loved to wake up and see snow, hear nothing but deers trying to reach my window. Some wonderful days I will try to experience again, as I missed the Northern Lights (by a day)!
    I have also included Oulu DP in the CityDaily Photo widget designed for Yahoo Widget Engine, as I've done with all other DP's...

  2. Love your pictures, the places...

  3. Thanks you both!

    fredp, hopefully you see the Northern Lights some day. Believe me they are not so common sight even us who lives here.

  4. Great photos! I look forward to learning more about Oulu. (how do you pronounce Oulu?)

  5. "how do you pronounce Oulu"

    Just as written ;-) I dont't know how to spell it phonetically, sorry.

  6. Phonetically Oulu is spelt like this: Oh-lu. I'm not sure about that though..
    By the way, very beautiful photo :)

  7. Wonderful sunset!!!!!

    I would like to come in the day or another...:-)

    For the moment I try to discover the city lookinf your blog...:-)