Saturday, April 29, 2006


Today at downtown was family event called Kevätväkkärä difficult to translate but spring-whirligig could be near. I counted at least 5 baloon-sellers only at pedestrian street.


  1. It looks windy - did they also have kites?

  2. Hi!
    It's nice to see so many interesting pictures from Oulu...

    I'm living here,
    and sometimes it is hard to see nothing nice in this town... !

    maybe becouse of you,
    I look at Oulu...
    and I see many nice things...

  3. Beautiful colors Piu! Love all those balloons!

  4. This photo when you click on it is fantastic! You can really see the colours come through on the large version. Another suggestion is to add a "target blank" to your links so that the links appear in a new window and people stay on your page. I'm sure Eric at Paris Daily Photo can tell you how.

    I'm enjoying Finland through your eyes! Thank you!

  5. Those are very cute baloons! I agree with Michael. Wonderful colours! Great picture :)

  6. I've wondered how many helium balloons it takes to lift someone off the ground - that is a lot of balloon!

  7. beautiful shot and you captured the action of the biker as well...great!

  8. I really like this picture. It so coloful and dynamic with all the balloons pointing in every direction and all the people walking about.

  9. :-)

    It was windy but no kites, what a pity.

    Rhelinä, nice that I could help you see this city differently.

    Michael, I'm so used to use backward button in my mouse that didn,t thought that this is difficult.

  10. Anonymous5/5/06 14:08

    Thank You Piu. I'm missing Oulu and I'm very happy to see all these pictures. Specially now when it's Spring time, when wheather is getting warmer and all the flowers are coming suddenly after frost is gone. This time people are coming out, they are happy and cheer. Wappu is the beginning for all this. It's a great big party.