Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Old and new - Vanhaa ja uutta

At the corner of Asemakatu (station street) and Isokatu (big street). At the sign on the left is said Oulu´s sock.

Asemakadun ja Isokadun kulmauksessa.


  1. Anonymous3/5/07 01:23

    The buildings in your picture are very attractive and I like the colors. It seems though that they are close together as if they are trying to stay warm.

  2. Always nice contrast between old and new...

  3. Hi
    I had been to Oulu in October 2005 for a project. I was there for 15 days and stayed at Radisson Hotel. I loved every minutes of my stay there, particularly visiting the library near my hotel. I still long to go there and parhaps to live there for the rest of my life. The life there is indeed very peaceful. The sometimes ate at Dong Hai restaurant which is near Radisson and sometimes at New Bombay Restaurant. One day I ate at a Thai restaurant. I purchaged Finish Chocolate at Stockmann. The picture posted by you remembers me of my wonderful time I had at Oulu. Can you please publish a photo of the town hall and the lake behind Hotel Radisson? I'll be so obliged. I hail from Guwahati, Assam in India and currently living in New Delhi.