Thursday, March 22, 2007

River side - Jokivarressa


  1. niin se on...
    tänään jäällä,
    nauraen, soittaen, tanssien...

    huomenna joki virtaa...

  2. Huva payva....
    Its the best I can do. My mother is a Finn (actually born in Canada) of Finnish parents who never really learned much English the 60-odd years they lived here...
    Though I did not grow up in a Finnish community in Canada (they exist in Northern Ontario), I remember my Mom speaking Finnish to her friends and family and the sound still resonates...(I think I can still count to ten...ooxi, coxi, colamenellia, vees, cous..ok, stop laughing...)
    and my grandfather yelling at the cat at their farm we visited each summer near Creighton Mine (Ontario)..."pah-hah geessa!!!"
    One day I sincerely wish to visit Finland...perhaps in June to see the midnight sun.
    Thank you for your lovely photos.
    From your brothers and sisters of the northern climes, in Canada....
    And hockey too...!
    Murray C.

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