Thursday, January 11, 2007

Comet McNaught - McNaught komeetta

I was lucky enough to shoot this from my balcony. More information about the comet here. I dedicate this photo to my niece Aysha because 11th of January is her birthday. Have a nice party Aysha!

Tämän sain kuvattua kesken töiden omalta parvekkeelta. Lisää tietoa vaikka täältä. Kuva on omistettu veljentyttärelleni Ayshalle jolla on syntymäpäivä 11.1. Hauskaa juhlapäivää Aysha!


  1. Anonymous13/1/07 15:59

    Tästä otoksesta täytyy kyllä jo onnitella! Upea, kerrassaan.


  2. Thank you (kiitos) Mimmu!

  3. Wow! Lucky you. I'm officially jealous of you and those of you took comet shot.
    And yours are so vivid and stunning!

  4. That must have been a really thrilling experience. So stunning. Breath-taking. This is sooooooo cool. I'm going to put a link from my 'extra' blog.

  5. Likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture an actual comet!

  6. Excellent photo! Happy birthday to your niece! (Found you via Reya in Washington, D.C., by the way. I had a roommate from Oulu when I lived in Vienna, Austria, years ago. Her name is Minna Vahanikkila. She married a guy named Mikko Karilinnen [forgive my spelling.] If you see them around town, please say "Hey!")