Friday, September 01, 2006

CDP theme: Doorway - CDP teema: Sisäänkäynti

I tried to find an interesting modern doorway but I didn't succeed at this time. It seems that doors and doorways used to be much more important in the old days.

Yritin löytää mielenkiintoisen modernin sisäänkäynnin mutta en vielä onnistunut. Ilmeisesti ovet ja sisäänkäynnit ovat olleet paljon tärkeämpiä ennenvanhaan.

Today's theme for City Daily Photobloggers is Doorways. Use links below to see doorways aroud the world.
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  1. Nice one. Love the portch.

  2. a cosy wooden house.

  3. Very nice. I like the details of the roof overhang.

  4. It looks like they've invested in keeping the door nice, but could you tell them to invest a little in the steps? Great choice!

  5. this is nice. you managed to find one that is unique and has some 'character' to it. It seems all doorways in vantaa look much the same as other. well i'm still on the lookout for something..

  6. Love the variety. Your doorway looks as if it has welcomed hundreds of friends.

  7. I have to ask the same question I asked another northern European - would there be a vestibule inside that door for shaking off snow and changing from snow boots to slippers, hanging coats etc?

    Here in Sydney you are more likely to have a covered verandah to keep the front sheltered from the sun, and no interior shoe/coat space! Visitors might put their handbags and coats on the bed of the main bedroom!

  8. Thanks for you all :-)
    The whole house is interesting I will show it to you on some day.

    Kaa, this was almost the only one. I have lived in Helsinki and I can imagine your diifficulties.

    Sally, yes we have always vestibules in houses and apartments. Detached houses usually have also a little space between outdoor and vestibule.