Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Detail of a functionalistic building

Some concrete - and without even sunrise - for a change.


  1. I don't recognize the building in this picture.. Can you tell which one it is? Address?

  2. very beautiful quality of light in your photos...

  3. very nice shot! I love that curve...were you under a bridge?

  4. still a nice curve and shadow shot, nice and simple :)

  5. Hi Piu, nice framing...

  6. Anonymous6/5/06 08:17

    I really enjoy yours photos: 1) every target, this far, are familiar to me (not your balcony, not this private house at Hietasaari)
    2) your photos are really artistic.

    For example this photo is ingenious. You really challenge some main principles of functionalism :)
    Functionalism in architecture: massive shapes, straight simple lines, no decorating etc. In this picture you even
    repeat one of those principles with this shadow at the wall, and in the same time, in the same picture, you challnge those principles
    with this swelling black shape... Ingenious!
    And thank you that you show to everybody in this other photo from this same building, Kansankatu 47, what is classical functionalism in architecture :)

    I enjoy your lovely distinctive way to see your enviroment, and I enjoy your artistic talent take photos. Thank you.

    Helena K "Ladies Night", Helsinki, Finland

  7. Thanks for you all. Helena, I'm so proud about your comment, I have always been interested about architecture and one of my favourites is functionalism. This particular building is very familiar to me after working there some years ago.